About Us

Based on our collective travels, most notably through South East Asia, we witnessed the vibrancy and complexity of people's personal stories. Upon returning home to Toronto, we realized our passion is memory preservation presented through captivating images. We strongly believe that the best memories are the ones that are captured and can be shared with others.

Our goal is to create a casual, relaxed and comfortable environment; we stand behind the scenes so that you are centre stage and focused on the present moment. Whether you're celebrating one of life's distinctive occasions or simply looking to capture a day in your life, we hope to grow with you and your family. 

The Team


My favorite places to be: behind a camera capturing fleeting life moments, walking down a tree covered trail, over a stove cooking a family feast, within a room collaborating with others.


30 year old audiophile with a passion for photography, cars and the great outdoors.


Do both of you shoot together?

Yes, we come as a duo team. It allows us to provide a greater variety of perspective and stylistic choices. Jara will often take the lead as primary shooter but we are very in tune with one another and trust each other's abilities to capture that special shot. 

What kind of photography do you specialize in?

We are open to all types of photography opportunity and are still growing our portfolio. We are constantly seeking new creative opportunities and are eager to work with clients on bringing their vision to life. We believe that everything is a little more beautiful brushed in natural light and often shoot outdoors. 

Where do you guys shoot?

We are based in Toronto, ON but are open to all surrounding locations. This can include locations abroad as well since we are keen travelers. Please contact us to discuss pricing and information for all location inquiries. 

How do you share the pictures?

Pictures are shared through an online gallery. These pictures can then be shared with friends and family or utilized for print. 

How do I book a session?

Please fill out the form on the contact page providing as much information as possible. From there, we will give you a call or ideally meet up with you to discuss your vision and answer any questions you may have. We hope to use this time to get to know you better so we can accurately reflect your personality through the photos. Upon agreeing to the terms and details, we request 50% deposit to hold the date. Another 25% is due on the day of the shoot and the remaining 25% is due upon delivery of your photos.